Morbid Obsession?

One of the websites that I visit fairly regularly is Find A Grave. I admit, the name sounds pretty morbid, as does any reference to death I suppose, but I can’t help but find the site fascinating.

They allow users to ‘visit’ graves virtually – and it’s particularly interesting to find the graves of the famous. After all, they’re scattered all over the world, and who would ever get the chance to see them in person? Fine, I can just hear you now saying “who would even want to visit them in the first place?”, but, work with me here.

Not only is the site updated regularly, but the site is brimming with just volumes of information about the lives people, famous and otherwise, have lived. The ability to see photos of their graves is just, for me, an added bonus.

Here are some of my favorite search results on the site (I dare you to not find this interesting):

Find A Grave logo

Posthumous Reunion : Titanic Passengers
Search for Jamaican Graves (I live in Jamaica, and have never visited the Bob Marley grave site… did it via this website though)
Most popular searches for the day (I think the grave of late lead singer of The Doors Jim Morrison is always in this list, along with John Wayne and the late great Jimi Hendrix)

All this talk of death though, does make me wonder, what I will be best remembered for when my time comes. I’m only 30 at the moment, but considering the fact that I do have a very stressful job, and generally a very stressful life; coupled with the fact that I know I need to loose some weight and eat properly, AND I live in the country with the #3 highest murder rate in the world, I do have a the feeling sometimes, that I need to accomplish that illusive ‘thing’ that will allow me to leave a mark – and soon.

In some sort of odd way. I suppose that visiting a site like Find A Grave, does, at least for me, make me want to be a better person in this life.

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