2005, in review

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. Certainly I could say that I’ve been busy, which could to some extent be true. However, the honest truth really is that I’ve not been motivated to spend any time online in recent weeks, or months.

Truth be told, I spend maybe 80% of my waking hours in front of, or, doing business related to the computer, or more specifically, the internet. This grand plan of mine therefore, to create and maintain a blog really isn’t working as intended I’m afraid.

Yes, I wanted an outlet for some of my thoughts, but having them online, really makes it feel more like work sometimes.. However, since I’m not one that likes to start something and not finish it (my ill-fated treadmill purchase and short-lived exercise programme aside), I’ll try to stick to the plan.

Another reason for my absence from my blog over the past few months, other than an obvious lack of interest, has really been stress, both in my personal and professional life.

Personally, and especially during December things were very rough. I, well, we (the family) really, lost a dear friend shortly after Christmas from gastro-intestinal cancer. It was for us all, a very sad, although expected loss, as Theresa Yap, or Terry as we all called her, was a very vibrant person that would just light up a room when she came in. Humble, and unassuming, and never one to say a bad word about anyone, or anything for that matter – she was really a sweetheart, and we all miss her a great deal.

Theresa Yap

I guess also, with her passing away at such a young age (only 42), I couldn’t help but think about my own life and what I want to accomplish with it, and how short it could possibly be. Additionally, I couldn’t help but feel it deeply for her mother and children, nor could I prevent my mind at times from drifting away to various ‘dark places’ that we all, I’m sure, venture to from time to time, but try our best not to, or at least forget. Needless to say, it was a very emotional time for us all, but we believe that now, Terry is really in a better place without the pain and suffering she endured for almost a year.

On the business side of my life, the last year was particularly stressful – perhaps the single most stressful year since I started my business back in 2001. In January 05, I had to, despite many financial setbacks, begin the unexpected process of having to relocate the business. Ultimately, the move we made was good, as the new location we now have is far more comfortable. Later in the year, we focused on getting our operations streamlined to cope with the increase in demand for our creative services. I replaced some of the ‘dead wood’ that I had either planted in the first place, or allowed to grow for too long and now, I’m actually very optimistic about 2006 as far as the business is concerned. I’m sincerely looking forward to the challenges that this year will bring. Needless to say, that what I’ve mentioned above doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the hardships that I and my company faced during 05, but, I’m determined to make this year better than the last, and have, most importantly, a positive long term outlook on things, no matter how dismal they may seem in the short term. I’m going to try, as Terry did too, to stop ever so often to enjoy the more simple things in life, and simply not allow work to overwhelm me as I have been one to do in the past. That’s not to say that I won’t continue to work hard to ensure that the future of my company is secure, and indeed those of my employees (who I really admire on different levels and look out for), but, I’m going to also try to sleep at nights and not make my work stress haunt my slumber.

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